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Cubs scouts is designed do all kinds of fun activities like family camping, Pinewood Derby, trips, games, parades and a lot more. 

Cub Scouting means “doing.” Everything in Cub Scouting is designed to have the Scouts doing things. Activities are used to achieve the aims of Scouting—citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness. Many of the activities happen right in the den and pack. Most den meetings are weekly or bi-weekly, and there is one full pack meeting each month on the 3rd Friday of the month. 


Cub Scout Pack 99 in Goffstown, NH welcomes any child ages 5-11 (kindergarten through 5th grade) from the area to join. While our main recruitment effort is in September,  kids can join at any time during the year. Cub Scouting is a parent-led, parent-involved "lite" version of Boy Scouts. We welcome and encourage you to help out in any way you can. Pack 99 is entirely run by parent volunteers: everything from den leaders, committee chairs, fundraising, and all those behind the scenes roles. There is a spot for YOU that will enrich your child's experience, with as little or as much time as you can spare.

If you can whittle, start a fire, tie knots, have hiking/outdoor experience...... if you can perform STEM activities, or participate in the arts or technology.......if you can plan casual events...... if you have connections with civic offices or historical societies...... you can help out with Cub Scouting! This program calls upon all of our strengths to make our kids well-rounded and prepared citizens.

Be warned:  As we all encourage our kids together, you may make some adult friends as well.

Summer Camp
Belt Loops
Blue and Gold


Mt. Uncanoonuc

Pack Monadnock

Goffstown Rail Trail

Field Trips: 

NH Audubon Society

Goffstown Fire Dept. 

Goffstown Police Dept.

Outdoor Skills:

Knot Tying

Pocket knife safety

Hike Preparedness

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