Arrow of Light Bridging Ceremony

The Blue and Gold banquet is a very special occasion for Cub Scouts! It's a very exciting time for our Arrow of Light Scouts as they graduate from Cub Scouting and officially bridge over to Boy Scouts. All of our AOLs chose to join Goffstown Troop 99 this year, and the Boy Scouts were there to recieve them as they bridged over and gave them their new neckerchiefs. Congratulations to our SEVEN AOL scouts who are now Boy Scouts: Aiden, Carter, Drew, Gavan, Kona, Parker, and Pet

Internet Safety at the Goffstown Police Station

Big thanks to Officer Pelletier for speaking to our Arrow of Light scouts tonight at the Goffstown Police Department about Internet Safety, and a tour of the station! As part of the "Building a Better World" adventure requirement, our scouts understand that citizenship begins when you enter a community. In today's world, the internet is a huge part of the global and local community, and safety is paramount in that participation. #AOL

Pack Monadnock Hike

On a gorgeous October morning, the Arrow of Light (5th graders) and Bear (3rd graders) dens did a combined hike at Pack Monadnock in Peterborough, NH. This combined-den approach was a lot of fun for the scouts. The more the merrier! Both dens had goals and requirements to meet for this hike towards earning their ranks for the year. #AOL #Bears #hiking