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Pinewood Derby 2018

Pinewood Derby 2018 was a fantastic success! Thank you so much to all the volunteers, parents, leaders, and everyone who donated their time and supplies to making this happen! Events like this do not happen without tons of people chipping in anyway they can. No effort is too small!

The PWD was held again at Maple Ave School, and in addition to the awesome track and car staging area, we also held an incredible concession stand which was completely stocked by donations, and run by Pack 99 volunteers!

Racing began with the Lions/Tigers. Great racing!

Next, with the Wolves (2nd graders), competition started getting a little tighter!

The Bear den (3rd graders), Pack 99's smallest, still delivered the enthusiasm in their race.

The Webelos race was intense! Since this is our largest den, there were many heats to determine the eventual winner of the Webelos!

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