NH National Guard Tour

Wow, what a field trip! As part of their Paws for Action adventure requirement, Goffstown Pack 99 Bears and Webelos recently toured the NH Army National Guard - Army Aviation Support Facility in Concord and got up close and personal with the Black Hawk helicopter. They learned about equipment used by the National Guard, and the types of missions they do within the state. They also saw where they do their mission planning, and learned about what benefits you can earn with a ca

December Pack Meeting: Bear Carnival

The December pack meeting is one of the most fun because it's BEAR CARNIVAL time!!! Great job, Bear Den, for planning this event, creating the booths, and guiding all the participants through each station. Big fun! #Bears

The Bears Tour the Fire Station

This week the Bear Den (3rd graders) visited Goffstown's newly remodeled Station #18 on Church St. They got the full tour from the firefighters and EMTs to help them fulfill their Paws for Action belt loop. The scouts got to try on the heavy fire coats, and experience what wearing an oxygen tank feels like. They also got to check out the fire engines and the ambulance, and hold the Jaws of Life. Big thanks to the Goffstown Fire Dept and the Professional Firefighters of Goffst

Bears: Baloo the Builder

Baloo the Builder is now a required adventure for the Bear rank, whereas in years past it was an elective. The Bears learned about different kinds of basic tools, and practiced hammering, drilling, and attaching bolts and nuts in their den meeting this week. #Bears

Pack Monadnock Hike

On a gorgeous October morning, the Arrow of Light (5th graders) and Bear (3rd graders) dens did a combined hike at Pack Monadnock in Peterborough, NH. This combined-den approach was a lot of fun for the scouts. The more the merrier! Both dens had goals and requirements to meet for this hike towards earning their ranks for the year. #AOL #Bears #hiking